Sexual Harassment Claims Filed Against Sterling Jewelers

Hundreds of people who used to work for Sterling Jewelers have accused the jewelry company of allowing an environment in which they could be sexually harassed. They recently filed claims alleging the company's work leaders of also encouraging gender discrimination, which is illegal in the state of Texas and other states. The company's chief executive is among the leaders who have been sued for sexual harassment and gender-based discrimination.

The workers who filed claims asserted that male managers had groped female workers during their time at the company. In addition, authority figures at Sterling have been accused of offering to advance employees who provided sexual favors. These incidents allegedly took place between the late 1990s and the 2000s.

One woman claimed that, during a meeting of managers in 2005, a male district manager told her she could be transferred to a better store if she was willing to sleep with him. Other women asserted that company events involved a lot of drinking as well as female workers dancing before their male co-workers. Sterling has denied the allegations.

By law, companies in the state of Texas and elsewhere are prohibited from allowing the sexual harassment of employees, which can result in an intimidating and hostile environment. If a worker experiences undesired sexual advances in the workplace, it is within this employee's right to take legal action in an effort to hold his or her employer accountable. A successfully fought claim may lead to remedies such as a promotion or back pay depending on the facts of the case.

Source:, "Kay and Jared jewelry company accused of sexual harassment", Jessica Schladebeck, Feb. 28, 2017