Settlement Reached in Race Discrimination Case

A black woman in another state sued a county school district for discriminating against her on the basis of race. However, the school district recently reached a settlement with her. When people face workplace race discrimination in Texas, it is within their rights to seek to hold their employers accountable through the civil justice system.

In the recent out-of-state case, the woman who sued the school district served as a psychologist with the district between 2011 and 2014. She claimed that the school district, as well as an assistant superintendent, decided against renewing her contract due to her race. The plaintiff was one of only a handful of black workers in the district.

The district ended up disputing this, claiming that the woman's performance led to the contract's non-renewal. The district also asserted that the contract was not renewed because the woman handled a co-worker conflict poorly. The settlement agreement, the terms of which have yet to be revealed publicly, must be approved by the district's school board. Absent a settlement agreement, the case would have gone to trial this spring.

When race discrimination leads to a hostile work environment or a termination in Texas, the impacted employee may decide to file a claim against his or her employer. If the lawsuit is successful, remedies from this type of suit might include the reinstatement of a job, depending on the circumstances surrounding the case. Other remedies may be the coverage of the plaintiff's out-of-pocket expenses related to the claim, as well as compensation for emotional harm.

Source:, "School District 833 reaches settlement in ex-employee's racial discrimination lawsuit", Scott Wente, March 7, 2017