Married Couple Allege Race Discrimination, Harassment

A former faculty member and a current faculty member at a noted university in another state have claimed that they were harassed and discriminated against due to their race. The pair, a married couple who are Asian American, have thus decided to sue the university together. When workers in the state of Texas face race discrimination or harassment on the job, it is within their rights to seek to hold their employers accountable for improper conduct.

The husband previously taught in the American Culture and History Departments at the university. The wife currently lectures in the American Culture and Women's Studies Departments. They started teaching at the school in the year 2000, at which time they were already married. According to the lawsuit, the couple faced discrimination as a result of their marriage, in addition to suffering disparate treatment for racial reasons.

Specifically, the speed at which both individuals were promoted was allegedly not appropriately compensated for by their employer, the University of Michigan, with both parties being passed over consistently for raises and promotions. They allege that they were forced to endure a hostile work environment as well, with the husband being forced to resign from his professor role after being blacklisted by colleagues due to his continuing to pursue discrimination claims against the school. The plaintiffs seek more than $25,000 in damages due to suffering emotional harm and lost income.

Race discrimination is prohibited under state and federal laws, as is discrimination that is based on marital status, familial status, weight, height, sex, age, religion or national origin. Employees in Texas who have been treated unjustly in the workplace due to illegal discrimination may choose to explore all of their legal options, including filing a claim. Remedies in a successfully litigated lawsuit may include the reinstatement to a job and/or monetary relief, depending on the particular circumstances surrounding the case.

Source:, "University faces lawsuit on the grounds of discrimination and harassment", Andrew Hiyama, March 9, 2017