Violations of Salary Rules Could Leave Texas Workers Without Pay

Working hard to earn an income that helps provide for themselves and their families can often bring individuals a sense of pride. However, that pride can be considerably diminished when employers violate salary rules and other regulations, resulting in workers getting paid less than they should. Unfortunately, many employees face this type of issue and suffer negative impacts.

Texas residents may be interested in a legal case currently underway relating to wage violations. Reports stated that commercial laundry workers faced harsh work conditions and were also denied overtime pay. They were required to ask before taking any type of break that required them to step away from their work areas, including when they needed to use the restroom. Additionally, they were not paid for meal breaks or mandatory work meetings that took place outside of work hours. 

The practices the employers imposed on these workers violated multiple federal wage laws. Though the workers attempted to voice their complaints with their employers, they faced retaliation. As a result, three former workers filed a lawsuit on behalf of all the employees working at the laundry warehouse.

Violations of wage and hour laws and salary rules are serious acts. Texas residents who feel that they have been cheated out of their rightfully earned and due wages may wish to take legal action of their own. Finding out more information on possible claims that could help them pursue their compensation may prove useful. Because such an undertaking can seem intimidating, concerned individuals may wish to enlist the assistance of experienced attorneys.

Source:, "Hilton Head commercial laundry workers sue over wages, warehouse conditions", Erin Heffernan, June 7, 2017