FMLA Violations, Discrimination Can Negatively Impact Workers

The Family and Medical Leave Act offers many benefits to employees who may need extended time away from work. Under the FMLA, employers have a duty to inform workers of their rights to take leave and allow them to take that leave when stipulations are met. However, some individuals may suffer due to having their rights under this act violated.

Texas residents may be interested in one woman in another area who has faced such issues. Reports indicated that the woman has filed a lawsuit due to facing what she believes was disability discrimination. She apparently needed to have surgery on her hands that caused her to need time away from work. After returning to work, she was not allowed to return to her same position. 

The woman was moved to a lower-level job and did not have as many hours to work. She believes that she was treated unfairly and was not given notice of her FMLA rights. She hopes that her legal claim will assist her in gaining reinstatement, back wages and all fair and proper relief for damages. 

FMLA violations, discrimination and other unfair treatment in the workplace can cause workers to face unnecessary difficulties. If such issues are not rectified as deemed appropriate, Texas workers who are facing similar issues may find themselves needing to take additional action. Interested individuals may wish to speak with experienced employment law attorneys in order to understand what legal options they may have for addressing these types of work-related problems.

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