Discriminatory Conduct May Give Cause for Legal Action in Texas

Though policies may be imposed that work to prevent unfair treatment in a place of employment, many workers may still feel as if they are subjected to unjust actions. Unfortunately, discriminatory conduct can still infiltrate workplaces even if precautions and policies are in place. If superiors do not work to enforce those policies, certain workers could suffer unnecessarily. 

Texas residents may be interested in one workplace discrimination case currently taking place in a federal court sitting in another state. Reports stated that two African-American men filed a lawsuit due to actions taken against them at the university for which they work. Apparently, one of the men had his vehicle broken into, and as a result, his work phone was stolen. Rather than simply being given a replacement phone, the man suffered disciplinary action and did not receive another phone. The report stated that white workers did not face such conduct after losing their work phones.

Furthermore, the men stated that they were given more stressful work duties. During times of extreme heat or cold weather, the men were required to carry out work duties outdoors while their white co-workers were assigned inside tasks. It was noted that the workers hope that, if successful, their lawsuit will allow them to gain $1.5 million each in compensation.

Though many Texas workers may hope to avoid discriminatory conduct in the workplace, they may find themselves having to take action to avoid it. Unfortunately, this type of situation is not uncommon, and numerous workers may feel treated unfairly on the job. If workers believe that they have been the victims of discrimination, they may wish to speak with experienced attorneys regarding their legal options for rectifying the situations.

Source: wtop.com, "2 black employees allege racial discrimination, sue U.Md.", Michelle Basch, June 22, 2017