Discriminatory Conduct May Cause Loss of Texas Job Opportunities

The idea of enduring discrimination may not often cross the minds of some individuals, while for others, it is a daily worry. Unfortunately, many people in various industries are subjected to unfair treatment, and often, discriminatory conduct can result in their losing out on job opportunities altogether. When parties feel victimized by such conduct, they may wish to pursue legal action.

Texas residents may be interested in a discrimination case that recently came to a settlement. Reports indicated that the lawsuit involved a restaurant chain whose managers unjustly discriminated against African-American job applicants. The report stated that some managers went so far as to immediately throw out applications for African-American individuals. It was also noted that managers were believed to have used racial slurs. 

The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission began an investigation into the company and found that many locations did not have any African-American workers. The lawsuit against the company was filed in 2013, and the company recently agreed to a settlement of $1.9 million. It was also noted that a program would be established to address the hiring of African-American applicants.

Discriminatory conduct has no place in a work environment, but unfortunately, as this case shows, many individuals face such actions all too often. If Texas residents believe that they were not fairly considered for a job application or faced other discriminatory actions, they may want to find out more information on their legal options. Speaking with experienced attorneys may help individuals gain reliable knowledge on their potential courses of action.

Source: Chicago Tribune, "Rosebud Restaurants to pay $1.9 million to settle race discrimination suit", Corilyn Shropshire, May 31, 2017