A Hostile Workplace Could Lead to Legal Action in Texas

Having to contend with difficult workplace environments can be a struggle for anyone. Texas residents may be interested in one woman in another state who recently took legal action after having to deal with a hostile workplace. The woman works as a police officer, and her claim states that she and other staff members had to face sexist comments and other remarks while on the job.

According to reports, the woman was told by the police chief that a superior wanted to have sexual intercourse with her and that was the reason she was chosen to teach at the police academy. Additionally, the chief stated that another staff member also "desired her." The woman also claims that the chief and deputy chief used derogatory language when discussing other officers. 

The woman stated that she presented her claims to the mayor but that no action was taken to correct the issues. Furthermore, she faced retaliatory actions from the chief and deputy chief as a result of her filing a complaint. Because the issues were not rectified, the woman took legal action, and though there was a motion to have the case dismissed, a court ruled in the woman's favor to move forward.

When complaints go unanswered, taking the next steps to address a hostile workplace may help keep an already disagreeable situation from becoming even worse. If Texas residents have faced this type of sexual harassment on the job or have had to deal with other violations, they may wish to explore their legal options. Experienced attorneys could provide valuable information to interested parties.

Source: providencejournal.com, "Judge refuses to dismiss hostile-workplace lawsuit against North Providence police", Katie Mulvaney, June 22, 2017