Violations of Wage and Hour, Salary Rules May Create Hardships

When employees are underpaid in violation of wage and hour laws, those individuals can suffer financial difficulties. In addition to those hardships, they may also suffer from stress related to determining the best manner in which to address the violations of salary rules. When situations go unaddressed after bringing the matter to the attention of superiors, affected workers may need to take legal action.

Texas residents may be interested in a wage-related situation currently taking place out of state. Reports indicated that fast food chain restaurant Carl's, Jr. is currently facing fines after 37 workers went underpaid. The situation reportedly lasted for at least six months, and the employees were not given minimum wage for their services. It was noted that the parent company of the restaurant chain believed that a payroll error was to blame for the issue.

Nonetheless, city officials have fined the company $1.45 million for the violation. Nearly $1 million of that amount should go to the employees who suffered from the unpaid wages. If the company does not follow through with issuing the back pay to the employees and paying the additional fines, civil legal action could take place.

Violations of salary rules and wage and hour laws can create a tense and stressful situation for everyone involved. Therefore, employers should remain vigilant about ensuring that their workers receive the correct pay. If Texas workers believe that they have been wrongfully cheated out of their earned wages, they may wish to determine what steps could help them effectively address the wrongdoing.

Source:, "Carl's Jr. Slapped With Fine For Violating Minimum Wage In Los Angeles", Marion Hillson, June 30, 2017