Terminated Due to Retaliation? Legal Action May Be Warranted

Even when individuals reach an older age or face health issues, many of them have the desire to keep working. Unfortunately, some Texas residents may have employers who take negative actions against them as a form of age discrimination, and as a result, those workers can suffer considerably. In some cases, parties may even be terminated as a result of such discrimination.

One man in another state was recently awarded $4.5 million after filing a claim for age discrimination. Reports stated that the man had worked for a medical center for nearly 40 years when he was diagnosed with breast cancer. After completing his treatment and going into remission, he was fired from his job. A new individual was hired to his position, and it was noted that the person was 10 years younger.

The man believes that his termination was a form of discrimination and retaliation after he refused to retire following his initial cancer diagnosis. The president and CEO of the medical center as well as two other administrators had apparently called for his retirement. After declining, the man received negative criticism regarding his work and was eventually terminated. The report stated that the hospital hopes to appeal the recent verdict.

Being terminated from a position without due cause can be a devastating situation. This man's case may work as an example for older Texas residents who have faced similar discriminatory actions while on the job. If victims of such conduct wish to find out more information on their legal options, they may wish to consult with experienced attorneys.

Source: desmoinesregister.com, "Jury awards $4.5 million to former Grinnell hospital worker in age discrimination suit", Grant Rodgers, July 25, 2017