Woman Alleges Gender Discrimination at Shipyard

A woman in a different state recently claimed she experienced discrimination at work due to her gender. She has thus filed a gender discrimination lawsuit against her employer. Gender discrimination is illegal and thus is grounds for litigation in Texas and elsewhere.

The woman claimed she faced repeated discrimination while working at a shipyard over a period of five weeks. The company had hired her to be a preservation technician. However, she reportedly never got training for this position simply because she was a woman.

The woman claimed that her supervisor told her that it was an error for her to have been hired since she was female and the work at the shipyard was not appropriate for her gender. Therefore, she ended up mostly being assigned general cleaning jobs. The only time she was allegedly given preservation technician work was when a space was too tight to accommodate a male colleague. The company eventually terminated her even though a performance review reportedly indicated that she was performing better on the job since her first review.

Facing gender discrimination can be humiliating and frustrating. It can also have an adverse impact on one's ability to move up the ranks in one's industry or at one's company. In Texas and elsewhere, people facing this type of discrimination have the right to explore all of their legal options in an effort to right any wrong that has been committed, which may include filing a lawsuit that seeks the reimbursement of damages sustained.

Source: pressherald.com, "Former worker sues Bath Iron Works, alleges gender discrimination", Edward D. Murphy, Jan. 17, 2017