Retaliation Suit Filed Against College

The former administrator of a college in another state recently sued the college after she claimed it mistreated her, forcing her to quit her job. Her job loss allegedly took place following retaliation she experienced in the midst of a controversy dealing with race that spread throughout the college campus a couple of years ago. If an employee in Texas suffers from retaliation by his or her company, the individual has the right to take legal action.

According to the woman's lawsuit, the woman was placed on a leave of absence that was deemed non-disciplinary and indefinite. This occurred after officials suspected that the woman was behind a letter that threatened the president of the college's union of classified employees. At the time of her being placed on leave of absence, the woman had been the arts and communication school's dean for over three decades.

The woman's problems started in the latter part of 2014 when she offered testimony supporting an African-American employee who was filing a suit against the institution for retaliation, racial discrimination and gender discrimination. This case ended up being settled in April of 2015. However, she was placed on leave after being told that several people were unhappy with her.

The woman has accused the school of engaging in retaliation against her after she offered testimony to support the settled legal suit. As part of her lawsuit, the woman is seeking damages, including back pay, lost wages, emotional and mental distress and attorney's fees. If a person in Texas experiences retaliation on the job, which is illegal, he or she can explore all of his or her legal options in an effort to right any wrongdoing that has been committed.

Source:, "Lawsuit alleges discrimination, retaliation", Christine Huard, Jan. 9, 2017