Gender Discrimination Affects Both Men and Women

In Texas and elsewhere, the term gender-based employment discrimination may spur thoughts of female employees who are victims of sexual discrimination at work. The simple fact is that gender discrimination can happen to men as well. Sometimes it's more subtle, while other times it is blatant.

An example of subtle gender discrimination is assuming that a man can work longer hours since he should be supporting his family. Keeping a woman from taking on a leadership role because she is considered to be more sensitive and emotional is another example. More blatant forms include expecting the women at the jobsite to handle the housekeeping-related tasks, such as answering phones and planning office parties.

Gender discrimination can have many repercussions, such as causing a person to miss out on a promotion or earn less for doing the same type of work as an employee of the opposite sex. In some cases, a person might end up losing his or her job. Sometimes job applicants lose out on jobs for which they are qualified due to discrimination.

Gender discrimination continues to be a real problem in Texas and other states. An individual who believes that he or she has been a victim of gender discrimination on the job has the right to take legal action. Grounds may exist for a discrimination lawsuit against the employer, with possible remedies in a successfully litigated suit including reinstatement to a job and/or back pay, depending on the circumstances surrounding the case. An employment law attorney can help determine what steps may be appropriate to pursue legal redress.

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