Female Ferry Worker Files Sexual Harassment Suit

A woman in a recent out-of-state case claims she faced harassment by a male colleague while on the job. According to the woman, when she complained about the conduct, she was told that the man harassing her was not the bogeyman. The allegedly incident has sparked a lawsuit alleging sexual harassment, which violates federal law in Texas and all other states.

The woman who filed the lawsuit was an assistant captain on an island ferry when the alleged sexual harassment took place. She asserts that, in addition to being harassed, she was passed over when it was time to promote workers. In fact, she claims that eight men who had less experience than she did received promotions over her and that just one woman was named captain.

The woman's bosses as well as other colleagues are also accused of disparaging her, and other colleagues are said to have refused to work alongside her. The lawsuit was filed against a city, a department of transportation and her two supervisors. A captain was also named as a defendant.

Facing sexual harassment in the workplace is demeaning and can prevent women from being able to advance on their jobs. Even though it is illegal, it remains a serious problem in Texas and throughout the country. It is within the rights of a person facing sexual harassment to file a claim against his or her company in certain circumstances. Remedies such as monetary damages, back pay and related legal relief may be possible, depending on the particular situation.

Source: dnainfo.com, "Female Ferry Worker Was Told Her Harasser 'Not the Bogeyman,' Suit Says", Nicholas Rizzi, Jan. 25, 2017