Sexual Harassment Suit Settled for 725k

A federal judge recently approved a whopping $725,000 settlement against a precious metals dealer in another state who had been accused of allowing harassment to take place on the basis of sex. In this case, five employees of the metals dealer had allegedly experienced sexual harassment. Anyone in Texas or another state who is sexually harassed on the job has the right to seek to hold his or her employer accountable via the legal system.

In the recent out-of-state case, the owner of the business harassed female workers so much that one worker ended up having to quit her job. Meanwhile, the other victims were terminated. The owner purportedly made comments using derogatory terminology when talking about female genitalia, and he told sexually offensive jokes and commented on the body shapes and breast sizes of women.

In addition to having to address the settlement's monetary component, the metals dealer has agreed to totally overhaul the company's sexual harassment practices and policy. The company will furthermore provide reports to the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission on its settlement compliance for six years if the owner continues to own a part of the company, which is currently in reorganization proceedings as part of a Chapter 11 bankruptcy filing. The company will also have to give reports to the EEOC if the owner is instead employed by the successor or if he serves as a board member with the company.

Sexually harassing employees and forcing them to resign are violations of the Civil Rights Act of 1964's Title VII. If a person in Texas has faced sexual harassment in the workplace, he or she reserves the right to explore all of his or her legal options for righting any wrong that has been committed. Back pay, damages and other remedies may be possible in a successfully fought case depending on the facts of the case.

Source:, "Northwest Territorial Mint settles sexual harassment suit", Feb. 7, 2017