Sexual Harassment Claim Filed by Female Police Officer

A female police officer in another state has decided to sue her borough supervisor and chief after reportedly being harassed sexually. The woman also claimed that her superiors did not take her complaints about the harassment seriously. Sexual harassment remains a serious issue in the workplace in Texas and other states, but those who experience it may have legal recourse through the civil court system.

In the lawsuit, the woman claimed that another officer sexually harassed her, and this conduct made her job intolerable. The harassment is said to have begun in fall 2015. At that time, the other officer allegedly made derogatory and sexual comments regarding females with whom he had been sexually involved in the past. He also reportedly talked about the various sexual acts he had performed. The female officer had been in a romantic relationship with this other officer from March to June 2014.

In her lawsuit, the female officer claimed that, as the harassment persisted, she consulted human resources and her borough manager about the complaints. That is when her chief became upset that she had gone above his head. Meanwhile, other police officers made jokes about her sexual harassment complaints to her.

The woman is seeking more than $100,000 in lawyer fees in her sexual harassment lawsuit, along with compensatory damages and punitive damages. Punitive damages are designed to punish a person and may be awarded in a case of egregious fault. It is within the rights of any person facing sexual harassment in the workplace to seek the guidance of an attorney who can advise him or her on the best avenue for moving forward with a claim in Texas and elsewhere.

Source:, "Gettysburg police officer claims sexual harassment in lawsuit", Myles Snyder, Feb. 22, 2017