Nursing Facility Accused of Pregnancy Discrimination Must Pay

A nursing facility in another state was accused of discriminating against a pregnant employee. It was recently determined that the facility must pay damages to the woman. The total amount in damages is over $69,000. If somebody in Texas experiences pregnancy discrimination at work, legal recourse may be available to hold the employer accountable.

In the reported case, the woman found out she was pregnant while working for the skilled nursing home. She reportedly notified her employer about her pregnancy and gave the facility a doctor's note explaining that she could not lift more than a specified amount of weight. The doctor also instructed her to avoid working around certain cleaning chemicals.

The facility then reportedly asked the woman to take a 30-day leave without pay. However, the woman claimed that she still wanted to work for the company in spite of her physical limitations. The company allegedly continued to bar her from working.

As part of the ruling, the Kentucky Commission on Human Rights awarded the woman front pay and back pay totaling over $54,000. She was also awarded $15,000 for humiliation, emotional injury and embarrassment. Any worker in Texas who faces pregnancy discrimination on the job has the right to file a claim against the employer, seeking a judgment for monetary damages along with other specified relief. A victoriously fought claim might result in a court order requiring that the employer make reasonable accommodations for along with other remedies which the court determines to be just and appropriate to the circumstances.

Source:, "Former SNF employee awarded $69,000 in pregnancy discrimination case", Emily Mongan, Jan. 30, 2017