Claim of Race Discrimination Leads to Lawsuit Against TV Station

A television reporter in another state alleges that her former employer discriminated against her on the basis of her race. She has filed a lawsuit against the company. Anyone in Texas who has faced race discrimination in the workplace has the right to seek full accountability from an employer through the civil justice system.

The African-American woman claims that the company consistently used her race to determine the topics she would be reporting and where she would be doing television reports. For instance, she asserts that she was constantly made to do urban-related stories. The woman further alleges that the television station made her go to a KKK member's home by herself on one occasion.

She also claims that she had applied for several promotions following her hiring as a reporter back in 2004 but that she was never promoted. After complaining about the treatment she was receiving, the woman was being suspended with no pay for a couple of days. Purportedly, the reason given for her suspension was combative behavior. In her lawsuit, she seeks unspecified damages, including punitive damages.

Sometimes companies in Texas and elsewhere mistreat certain employees due to the color of their skin. This is illegal under both state and federal law. Anyone who experiences workplace race discrimination has the right to explore all options for legal recourse, which may include filing a discrimination lawsuit against the employer. Understanding which facts need to be proved in court is certainly essential in order to succeed in this type of civil claim.

Source:, "Reporter alleges race discrimination against KSHB-TV in Kansas City", Tony Rizzo, Jan. 24, 2017