Retaliation for Filing Complaints May Warrant Texas Legal Action

Many individuals may feel a sense of stress when faced with a difficult decision in the workplace. Because most Texas residents certainly want to remain employed, they may let serious infractions in the workplace go unreported in hopes of avoiding retaliation themselves. However, they may want to remember that unjust actions that result from employers due to filing reports for misconduct may deserve legal action.

One woman in another state is currently taking such action after involvement in this type of situation. Reports indicated that the woman was an executive for Disney Channel when she filed a complaint due to her male superior making inappropriate comments to two other female employees. The man apparently found out about her involvement in the report and began to take retaliatory actions against her.

The actions included her being demoted and taken away from the majority of her work responsibilities. A Human Resources investigation determined that her boss had acted inappropriately but did not violate any laws or policies regarding harassment or retaliation. However, the woman continued to face negative treatment over the course of two years and was recently terminated from her position. As a result, she is seeking legal action in hopes of effectively addressing the situation.

Facing unjust retaliation can often cause considerable difficulties for workers. Even when they attempt to move on from the predicament, a disgruntled superior could potentially continue to take wrongful actions toward them. In such cases, negatively impacted workers may wish to consider their legal options. Speaking with Texas employment law attorneys could help concerned individuals determine the best manner in which to approach their cases.