Discriminatory Conduct Can Negatively Impact Texas Workers

Ideally, all workplaces would treat employees and potential employees equally. Unfortunately, discriminatory conduct takes place in many institutions, and workers may find themselves having to take action to have the issues addressed. In many cases, filing reports with outside parties or taking legal action may prove necessary if internal complaints go unheeded.

Texas residents may be interested in a discrimination case in another state that recently came to a settlement. Reports stated that a photography company had been accused of discrimination and harassment on the basis of race and sex. Apparently, individuals claimed that the company had a habit of hiring only Hispanic men for their entry level positions. Additionally, those workers who were hired were paid less and given no opportunity for promotions.

As a result of the situation. the company has agreed to a settlement in order to end the action against them. According to terms of the settlement, the company will be required to pay over $3 million to approximately 1,300 workers who were impacted by the discriminatory acts. The company will also have to hire a consultant to review employment practices.

Though many individuals likely hope that instances of discrimination in the workplace will be fleeting and easily resolved, some issues may need significant action. Texas workers who believe that discriminatory conduct at their places of employment have caused them to suffer may wish to determine whether filing legal claims could suit their circumstances. Discussing issues and concerns with knowledgeable attorneys may help interested parties determine the best direction to potentially follow.

Source: dnainfo.com, "B&H Photo Agrees to $3.2M Settlement to Resolve Discrimination Claims", Trevor Kapp, Aug. 17, 2017