Race Discrimination Lawsuit Filed Against Fox News Channel

Two workers at a news channel in another state recently claimed that they had endured many years of discrimination due to their race. Thus, these two workers, black women, have filed a lawsuit against their employer, Fox News Channel, alleging race discrimination. The top executive in finance who allegedly harassed them has since been terminated. Racial discrimination is illegal, so those who experience it in the workplace in Texas and elsewhere have the right to explore all of their legal options for righting any wrong that has been committed.

The two women in their lawsuit claimed that their supervisor had spoken about how she feared black people. The supervisor also allegedly humiliated the two women by forcing them to repeat certain words that she felt are often mispronounced by blacks. The woman is also said to have made fun of the movement known as Black Lives Matter.

The supervisor who was fired also reportedly asked one of the black women if all of her three children were fathered by the same man. Fox News ended up firing the supervisor. The woman who is said to have harassed the woman had served as the senior accounting vice president and controller of the network.

Race discrimination can be emotionally damaging in addition to being professionally harmful, keeping workers from being able to move up in their careers. If employees in Texas are mistreated because of their race, they may opt to file discrimination claims against the employers that have allegedly perpetrated the discrimination. Understanding which facts need to be proved is most likely critical to succeed in this type of case.

Source: cbsnews.com, "Fox News discrimination alleged in lawsuit", March 29, 2017