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July 2017 Archives

Unjustly terminated? Info on Texas legal options may prove useful

Having to deal with a hostile work environment can cause employees to face considerable issues. In some cases, such an environment may be purposefully created in order to retaliate against a worker. Such actions may even become so unjust that a person is terminated from his or her job. Unfortunately, this type of situation is not uncommon.

Terminated due to retaliation? Legal action may be warranted

Even when individuals reach an older age or face health issues, many of them have the desire to keep working. Unfortunately, some Texas residents may have employers who take negative actions against them as a form of age discrimination, and as a result, those workers can suffer considerably. In some cases, parties may even be terminated as a result of such discrimination.

Could Texas employers violate the FMLA?

The Family and Medical Leave Act helps many workers take the time they need away from work in order to attend to medical issues. While the FMLA offers protective benefits, some Texas employees may find themselves being retaliated against for taking advantage of their rights under this leave. Unfortunately, some people could even face wrongful termination.

Violations of wage and hour, salary rules may create hardships

When employees are underpaid in violation of wage and hour laws, those individuals can suffer financial difficulties. In addition to those hardships, they may also suffer from stress related to determining the best manner in which to address the violations of salary rules. When situations go unaddressed after bringing the matter to the attention of superiors, affected workers may need to take legal action.

Retaliation in the workplace may warrant legal action in Texas

Going through a difficult time can affect various areas of a person's life. If the situation becomes too overwhelming, it may even impact the individual's ability to work. However, certain protections may help parties get the help they need without suffering negative outcomes from their employers. Unfortunately, some workers may face retaliation anyway and have to determine the best manner in which to address their new difficulties.

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