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June 2017 Archives

Discriminatory conduct may give cause for legal action in Texas

Though policies may be imposed that work to prevent unfair treatment in a place of employment, many workers may still feel as if they are subjected to unjust actions. Unfortunately, discriminatory conduct can still infiltrate workplaces even if precautions and policies are in place. If superiors do not work to enforce those policies, certain workers could suffer unnecessarily. 

A hostile workplace could lead to legal action in Texas

Having to contend with difficult workplace environments can be a struggle for anyone. Texas residents may be interested in one woman in another state who recently took legal action after having to deal with a hostile workplace. The woman works as a police officer, and her claim states that she and other staff members had to face sexist comments and other remarks while on the job.

FMLA violations, discrimination can negatively impact workers

The Family and Medical Leave Act offers many benefits to employees who may need extended time away from work. Under the FMLA, employers have a duty to inform workers of their rights to take leave and allow them to take that leave when stipulations are met. However, some individuals may suffer due to having their rights under this act violated.

Violations of salary rules could leave Texas workers without pay

Working hard to earn an income that helps provide for themselves and their families can often bring individuals a sense of pride. However, that pride can be considerably diminished when employers violate salary rules and other regulations, resulting in workers getting paid less than they should. Unfortunately, many employees face this type of issue and suffer negative impacts.

Discriminatory conduct may cause loss of Texas job opportunities

The idea of enduring discrimination may not often cross the minds of some individuals, while for others, it is a daily worry. Unfortunately, many people in various industries are subjected to unfair treatment, and often, discriminatory conduct can result in their losing out on job opportunities altogether. When parties feel victimized by such conduct, they may wish to pursue legal action.

What you should do if you're the victim of gender discrimination

Let's say you show up to work one day and you see a notice for a new supervisory position that is available. You're a woman, and you know that all the other competitors for the job will be men. However, you also know that you're more experienced, better educated and better capable of carrying out the responsibilities.

Can I get out of my non-compete agreement?

The reason why companies ask their employees to sign non-compete agreements is obvious. They don't want to hire an executive who goes on to steal the contracts and start a company of his or her own. On many levels, it would be unethical for someone to do this, but that would not prevent an unscrupulous business person from taking advantage of the situation. Non-compete agreements are a way for corporations to protect themselves from situations like this.

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