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April 2017 Archives

Did you sign an invalid non-compete agreement?

When you took the job at the accounting firm, you signed a non-compete agreement. The contract prohibited you from opening your own practice within a 200-mile radius of the firm. In addition, the agreement stipulated that you had to pay the firm $50,000 for any client that left in order to pursue accounting services with you. Now that you are ready to start your own practice, you are worried about the ramifications of the non-compete agreement.

How to Spot Pregnancy Discrimination in the Workplace

Workplace discrimination takes many forms, and pregnancy discrimination is one of them. However, many women assume that they simply have to endure this type of discrimination, while other women may even be forced to quit their jobs. The reality, though, is that federal law protects women from pregnancy discrimination in the workplace.

Race discrimination lawsuit filed against Fox News Channel

Two workers at a news channel in another state recently claimed that they had endured many years of discrimination due to their race. Thus, these two workers, black women, have filed a lawsuit against their employer, Fox News Channel, alleging race discrimination. The top executive in finance who allegedly harassed them has since been terminated. Racial discrimination is illegal, so those who experience it in the workplace in Texas and elsewhere have the right to explore all of their legal options for righting any wrong that has been committed.

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