Workplace Discrimination Based on Weight Remains an Issue

New research shows that both men and women are victims of mistreatment in the workplace based on weight, although women experience it at higher levels. This is true even if they have body mass indexes, or BMIs, in what is considered the healthy range. Fortunately, people in Texas who face workplace discrimination have the right to seek to hold their employers accountable.

According to a recent study, the participants had to rate individuals based on how suitable they were for service jobs according to their appearance. The researchers discovered that even small increases in weight negatively impacted female job candidates' employment opportunities in particular. In fact, several studies have indicated that overweight or obese individuals are discriminated against in the workplace.

Service organizations where discrimination is not uncommon include hotels, shops and bars. This is because these organizations usually favor people whose appearance aligns with their corporate image. However, companies can take steps to fight this type of prejudice -- for example, by offering sensitivity training to company recruiters.

Unfortunately, some employers in the state of Texas create environments where obese employees are treated unfairly or unequally on the job without a justifiable cause or are discriminated against in the hiring process. In these situations, employees have the right to file workplace discrimination claims, which may lead to remedies such as promotions or other reasonable compensation depending on the facts surrounding their unique cases. An understanding of what facts must be proved is likely important in order to prevail in these types of discrimination cases.

Source:, "Study shows how women face weight-based discrimination in workplace", Sept. 9, 2016