Gender Discrimination Suit Filed Against Police Department

A city in another state has been named in a discrimination lawsuit filed by a woman who claims to have been passed over for a promotion due to her gender. Also named in the gender discrimination suit are the city mayor and police chief. Employers in Texas and other states who discriminate against employees on the basis of protected classes, such as gender, may be held financially responsible through the civil court system.

The plaintiff is a woman who has been with the city police department for 33 years. She claims she wanted to be promoted to lieutenant colonel, but someone else was chosen for the job. This reportedly happened despite the fact that the woman had seven more years of experience, more education and better test scores than the individual who was ultimately chosen for the post.

In addition to being accused of gender discrimination, the police department also faces allegations of failing to promote enough black candidates and not promoting white candidates. In fact, one white major who had also applied for the lieutenant colonel post has also filed a lawsuit against the department, alleging he was not given the position due to being white. The Ethical Society of Police recently stated it was alarmed by the two lawsuits, claiming they had little credence.

Gender discrimination is contrary to federal and state laws. When it occurs in Texas, the employee or job candidate who experiences is entitled to take legal action. Discrimination can cause the victim to lose out on a promotion or a pay raise in addition to causing personal humiliation. However, a successfully fought discrimination claim may result in an order for formal reinstatement to an employment position and/or back pay, among other potential remedies.  

Source:, "St. Louis city and police department face gender discrimination lawsuits", Shawndrea Thomas, Aug. 23, 2016