Athletic Director Accused of Sexual Harassment

A female university administrator in another state has accused the school's male athletic director of sexually harassing female employees. The administrator, an associate athletic director, recently filed a lawsuit against the athletic director. When a supervisor in Texas or in any other state engages in sexual harassment, which is illegal, he or she may be held liable for his or her actions.

According to the lawsuit, the university athletic director referred to his female employees using derogatory and inappropriate terms. The man also reportedly made inappropriate comments to a student assistant. However, the legal firm representing the university claimed that the lawsuit was reckless and without substance.

The plaintiff asserted that the athletic director one day tried to force her to share the names of all women who had complained about him. She claimed the man also threatened to have her transferred to a different campus department. She further alleged that the university violated requirements for posting jobs by hiring the man to be the athletic director and not letting her or other individuals apply for this position.

Employers in the state of Texas legally must prevent their workers from being sexually harassed, which can lead to hostile work environments and can ultimately be emotionally and professionally damaging. Any employee who has experienced sexual harassment in the workplace has the right to file a claim against his or her company in particular circumstances. Remedies may include monetary damages, legal costs and even reinstatement of position depending on the circumstances surrounding the case.

Source:, "Mike Garrett accused of sexual harassment at Cal State LA", Scott Wolf, Aug. 29, 2016