Alleged Race Discrimination Toward Asians Sparks Lawsuit

A startup in another state is currently being sued for discriminating against job applicants who are Asian. Race discrimination, which is illegal, remains a serious problem in Texas and other states. Fortunately, those who perpetrate this type of workplace discrimination may be held liable in civil court.

According to the lawsuit filed against the startup, Palantir Technologies, the company's selection and hiring procedures discriminated against applicants who were Asian and were applying for software engineering roles. Based on the complaint, there were 130 qualified applicants for an intern position in quality assurance engineering. About 73 percent of these applicants were Asian, but only four ended up being hired.

According to the Office of Federal Compliance Programs, the company used a hiring process featuring four phases where Asian applicants usually were eliminated at the resume-screening stage or the phone-interview phase. This reportedly happened even though the Asian applicants were just as qualified as their White counterparts. Furthermore, most of the company's hires are said to have come from a worker referral system that excluded Asians in a disproportionate way.

Companies that discriminate against certain job applicants on the basis of race in Texas may be held liable for their illicit actions. It is within the rights of a person who has experienced race discrimination to explore all of his or her legal options in an effort to correct any wrong that has been committed. An understanding of what facts have to be proved is most likely necessary to prevail in such a case.

Source:, "Palantir Sued By Department of Labor For Race Discrimination", William Turton, Sept. 26, 2016