2 Former Employees File Employer Retaliation Lawsuit

Two former university employees in another state have decided to sue their employer for retaliation in the workplace. They claim they were terminated for uncovering budgetary waste and policy violations in the institution's information technology department. Anyone in Texas who has been a victim of employer retaliation has the right to file a lawsuit in an effort to correct any wrong that has been done.

The two allege that the university's staff created fake purchase orders and committed safety violations. They also assert that the university was continuing to spend money on unnecessary or expired services. After they reportedly discovered these acts, they say they were fired.

The attorney said that his clients likely saved the institution millions of dollars as a result of their whistleblowing. One of the plaintiffs started in the school's information technology department in 2013 and received a promotion in 2014. She supervised the second plaintiff, who served in a senior project management role.

When people in the state of Texas have made what they feel to be the right decision to blow the whistle on their employer, they could end up experiencing employer retaliation, which is illegal. Every case is different, and it can be challenging to address the issues effectively. An applied knowledge of laws related to employer retaliation with regard to whistleblowing may increases a person's chances of prevailing in this type of case. An appropriate strategy can be created and used to help an employee who has been retaliated against to achieve his or her specific legal goals and to fight for his or her rights.

Source: sltrib.com, "Lawsuit accuses University of Utah of firing whistleblowers over wasted public funds", Benjamin Wood, Sept. 14, 2016