Retaliation Suit Settled for $90,000

In another state, a settlement was recently reached for a sheriff's deputy who alleged that his employer retaliated against him. The federal lawsuit has been settled for $90,000. It is within the rights of workers in Texas and other states who experience retaliation in the workplace to seek to hold accountable their employers through the civil court system.

A sergeant filed his lawsuit against the office of the sheriff in November 2013. He claimed that the office retaliated against him and forced him to retire after he had put in three decades of service. This allegedly occurred as a result of testimony he had provided during a union arbitration hearing related to collective bargaining that was held in April 2012. In his testimony, the sheriff's deputy criticized the administration of the sheriff's office.

Based upon the settlement, the parties agreed to dismiss this case in late September. The county denied committing any wrongdoing. No other details about the settlement were reported since the agreement included a confidentiality clause.

Unfortunately, some employers in Texas retaliate against employees who have chosen to speak up about issues they have witnessed in the workplace. Retaliation, which is illegal, can have a negative impact on a person's ability to secure employment and make a living in the future. People who have experienced this type of treatment may opt to file claims against their employers, and if they are successful, remedies may include back pay or even reinstatement to a former job, for example, depending on the circumstances underlying the claim.

Source:, "Embattled deputy settles retaliation lawsuit against sheriff's office", Gary Ridley, Oct. 6, 2016