Race Discrimination Suit to Be Filed Against Fire Department

In a recent out-of-state case, 10 current and former employees plan to file a lawsuit alleging racial discrimination against a fire department. The plaintiffs claimed that they were discriminated against in the areas of advancement and pay. When people in Texas are victims of race discrimination, they can take legal actions in attempts to right any wrongs that have been done.

The employees said they already filed a complaint with the U.S. Equal Opportunity Commission against the fire department and the city to which it belongs. They said they now intend to file a federal lawsuit against both parties pursuing the amount of $150 million. This scenario comes a couple of years after the fire department settled a race discrimination lawsuit for almost $100 million. At that time, the plaintiffs alleged that the department was not hiring Latino and black firefighters.

According to the most recent complaint, civilian employees, in particular, are subject to discrimination. The plaintiffs claimed that even if they had more education and experience than their white counterparts, they were still paid what they claim to be tens of thousands of dollars less. They reportedly did not get the same promotions, opportunities to advance and salaries.

Race discrimination is illegal, and companies in Texas that engage in this type of discrimination may be held liable through the civil court system. A person who is treated unfairly because of his or her race has the right to explore all of his or her legal options. A clear understanding of which facts have to be proved will likely be essential to prevail in this type of claim.

Source: rt.com, "FDNY employees to file $150mn racial discrimination complaint", Rebecca Myles, Oct. 12, 2016