Race Discrimination Lawsuit Filed Against Seafood Company

A workplace discrimination lawsuit was recently filed against a seafood company in another state. According to the suit, the company engaged in race discrimination against a former worker there. Race discrimination is illegal, but unfortunately, it persists in Texas and other states.

While the former employee, who is black, was working for the company, a supervisor reportedly referred to him using a derogatory label several times. The man was also allegedly assigned to jobs that were less desirable when he tried to report this. The man ended up resigning from the seafood company back in 2014 due to the working conditions.

The man claimed, while he was working there, he was consistently robbed of his dignity because of the color of his skin. He said in fact, when he was first hired, his supervisor told him that his own father used to run blacks out of town and this was the first time a black individual had worked at the company. The company denied being involved in discrimination and retaliation.

Race discrimination is a violation of the Civil Rights Acts of 1991 and 1964. Companies in Texas are expected to create environments where this type of employment discrimination does not take place, and if it occurs, they are expected to try to put a stop to such behaviors. If they fail to do so, the victims of the discrimination have the right to file civil claims against them. Remedies in a discrimination case that is fought successfully may include back pay, the reinstatement of a job or monetary damages, depending on the circumstances surrounding the case.

Source: thedailyworld.com, "Sheltons Taylor Shellfish faces racial discrimination lawsuit", Oct. 1, 2016