Gender Discrimination Suit Filed Against Yahoo

Yahoo has been sued for workplace discrimination. The CEO and other executives are accused of implementing a worker review system that resulted in the mass firing of male workers. If companies in Texas and others states engage in gender discrimination, workers affected have the right to take legal action.

The recent out-of-state lawsuit was filed by a man who led Yahoo's editorial team for over three years. He was terminated from Yahoo in 2015. According to the suit, management had subjective biases toward men, and its performance-review system, which accommodated these biases, was detrimental to the male employees.

The system was introduced after the CEO joined Yahoo in 2012. It reportedly led to the firing of hundreds of workers. With this system, the company was able to decrease its staff through firings instead of layoffs. Although the review system has been criticized, company officials have defended it as being fair.

Whether in Texas or elsewhere, employers cannot create environments where certain workers are treated unfairly due to their gender, as this is a violation of the Civil Rights Act of 1964. Gender discrimination can cause employees to miss out on promotions and pay raises while also leaving them frustrated and humiliated. If gender discrimination occurs, the worker who has experienced it has the right to explore all available legal options, including filing a discrimination lawsuit against the employer. Remedies from this type of claim might include a damage award to compensate for the plaintiff's loss of income, compensation for emotional harm and even reinstatement to a former position.

Source:, "Yahoo slapped with lawsuit for gender discrimination against men", Amy Graff, Oct. 7, 2016