Former CNN Worker Alleges Race and Religious Discrimination

A man in another state has decided to file a lawsuit against the news organization CNN following his termination from the company. The man, who is black, was an associate producer with CNN and is a Christian. He claimed that the company engaged in race and religious discrimination. When an employer in Texas and other states treats employees differently on the basis of race or religion, the employees who are discriminated against have the right to try to hold their employer accountable legally.

The man in the recent out-of-state case claimed that the company targeted him after he complained about his co-workers' use of profanity. Specifically, his colleagues would reportedly use the names of God and Jesus in their profanity. The man claimed that he had sent an email to this team requesting that they not use this type of language around him, but this behavior continued. He asserted that, in fact, the behavior escalated because they were trying to harass him.

The man claimed that the profanity use became so bad that he ended up walking out of a meeting one time. The man asserted that he had also complained to the human resource department in 2015 about a co-worker's complaint about there being more Black people on the air. The man, alleging that he was retaliated against for his complaints, is pursuing back pay in full along with the reinstatement of his position.

It is illegal for employers to discriminate against employees because of race or religion, but this still happens in Texas and other states. If there is evidence that a business has engaged in race or religious discrimination, the victim may opt to file a discrimination claim against the company. A thorough understanding of what facts have to be proved is likely necessary to succeed in this type of civil case.

Source:, "Black Christian producer sues CNN for racial, religious discrimination", Oct. 24, 2016