Woman Sues for $800k, Alleging Retaliation

A former flight attendant recently filed a lawsuit in another state against two airlines. In her lawsuit, she claimed that she was led to quit her job due to employer/employee retaliation, which is illegal in Texas and other states. She is seeking $800,000 as part of the lawsuit.

According to the legal claim, the woman had worked for the two airlines with no problems for about 15 years. However, she was concerned that a pilot was not fit to fly one day after the pilot was drinking heavily the previous night. Thus, she reported these concerns and made some suggestions for how to enhance passenger safety in the event of such an incident again.

The woman claimed that upper management was not interested in her ideas. In fact, the captain allegedly started to disparage the woman in front of her colleagues, and her co-workers began to ostracize her. Following months of the alleged negative treatment she received, a supervisor reportedly replaced her worker badge with a non-functioning one and essentially kept her from flying. The woman ended up quitting in October, asserting that she felt as though she was forced to leave her position.

Employers may retaliate against their employees for blowing the whistle in an effort to address allegedly unethical or illegal business behavior. Unfortunately, even though it is illegal, retaliation still occurs in the workplace in Texas and elsewhere and can have long-term negative repercussions professionally for the victim of the retaliation. Anybody who has endured retaliation has the right to file a lawsuit, with a potential remedy resulting from a successfully fought claim being the reinstatement of a job, along with monetary damages sustained.

Source: oregonlive.com, "Flight attendant claims retaliation after she reported pilot might be drunk", Aimee Green, Nov. 8, 2016