Woman Files Age, Race Discrimination Lawsuit Against University

A former university administrative assistant in another state recently filed a civil lawsuit against the university, alleging discrimination. Specifically, she claimed that she suffered both race discrimination and age discrimination, which are illegal in Texas and elsewhere. She asserted that she was eventually fired from her job for reporting the discrimination.

According to the woman's lawsuit, she applied to be in a financial services analyst role in a department at the university but was not given the opportunity to interview. This occurred even though she had reportedly exceeded the role's minimum qualifications and had submitted her application on time. The woman's direct supervisor allegedly told her that her application had not been submitted in a timely fashion, making her ineligible for the interview. 

She reportedly complained to the school's office of admission and equity about the hiring practices of her department at the University of California, Berkeley. The woman claimed she ended up being fired about a month later. In her lawsuit, the woman claimed that it was known that the candidate chosen for the job would remain in that job for just a short time and that she was still hired over the plaintiff anyway.

Based on the lawsuit, the university's actions were in violation of the state's fair employment and housing act. This law bans race and age-based discrimination and also prohibits retaliation against employees for complaining about being discrimination. Anyone who suffers age or race discrimination in the workplace in Texas has the right to seek full accountability against the employer deemed responsible through the civil court system.

Source: dailycal.org, "Campus administrative assistant sues UC Berkeley for alleged age, race discrimination", Jessica Lynn, Nov. 22, 2016