Sexual Harassment Suit Filed Against Real Estate Company

A former real estate executive in another state recently filed a lawsuit, alleging that she was harassed sexually. The woman claimed that she was then terminated unfairly over a relationship that she attempted to hide at first. When an individual in Texas or another state experiences sexual harassment, it is within his or her rights to take legal action through the civil court system.

In the recent out-of-state case, the 27-year-old woman claimed she was terminated after she denied having a sex-based relationship with a contractor at the real estate company. She asserted that after she had denied having such a relationship, an executive and investor at the company confronted her, saying that he had found out about the relationship through another individual who had seen the contractor entering and leaving the woman's apartment building. It was at this point when the executive reportedly told the woman to stop denying the relationship and accused her of lying about it.

The woman's contract with the real estate company ended up being terminated because the company claimed that it could no longer trust her. The woman alleged that after she was fired, she could not find suitable work in the state where she had been living and had to move to another state, resulting in a substantial loss of earnings. She had started at the real estate company with a salary of $65,000.

When a person in Texas faces sexual harassment, which is illegal, he or she may explore all of his or legal options. These include filing a discrimination claim against the company that reportedly committed the wrongdoing. A successfully fought suit may lead to remedies, such as the reinstatement of a job and even back pay, depending on the circumstances surrounding the case.

Source:, "Former real estate executive alleges sexual harassment", Dan D'Ambrosio, Oct. 30, 2016