Sexual Harassment Suit Filed Against OWN

In a recent out of-state case, a woman claimed she was sexually harassed at her workplace, the OWN network belonging to Oprah Winfrey. The woman alleged that her female supervisor humiliated her and that she was also subject to harassment on the basis of her pregnancy. If people in Texas are victims of sexual harassment, they have the right to pursue accountability against the reported perpetrators of the harassment.

The plaintiff in the recent lawsuit against OWN asserted that she joined the network in 2010 and ended up suffering several harassing incidents at her supervisor's hands. For instance, her supervisor interrupted her breast-pumping session while she was in the network's designated pumping room. The woman claimed that, rather than knocking on the door loudly, her supervisor could have easily called or emailed her.

The woman furthermore claimed that the supervisor talked about sexual topics at company meetings. For instance, she would re-enact sex scenes depicted in horror movies. The supervisor is also accused of sexually assaulting the plaintiff by acting as though she were squeezing the plaintiff's breasts, causing the woman humiliation. The woman claimed that the treatment she received caused her to cry at work, struggle to sleep and have panic attacks.

The lawsuit alleges pregnancy discrimination, sexual harassment and sexual discrimination. Unspecified damages are sought. Sexual harassment in the workplace is illegal and thus is grounds for a civil lawsuit. Possible remedies in a claim that is successfully presented in Texas include back pay as well as other monetary damages depending on the circumstances surrounding the case.

Source:, "Oprah Winfrey's OWN Slapped With Sexual Harassment Lawsuit", Tim Kenneally, Nov. 16, 2016