Sexual Harassment Claim Against Celebrity Chef Settled

Two women servers in another state earlier this year claimed that a celebrity chef harassed them sexually. They filed a sexual harassment lawsuit against Michael Chiarello. That lawsuit was settled recently, although the terms of the settlement were not disclosed. Anybody who suffers this type of harassment in Texas has the right to take legal action.

The chef owns a couple of restaurants and has appeared in cooking shows on the Cooking Channel, PBS and Food Network. The women alleged sexual harassment and filed another claim regarding expenses and wages. The harassment allegations specifically were filed under the state's law addressing fair housing and employment.

According to the lawsuit, soon after joining one of the chef's restaurants, the women discovered that the work environment was abusive, hostile and sexually charged. For instance, the chef reportedly made clear sexual references. In addition, a new sandwich was allegedly likened to a vagina.

The claim would have gone to trial in July 2017 had it not been settled. A majority of sexual harassment suits end up being settled prior to trial, as employers typically seek to avoid distractions that could negatively impact their businesses. When a person in Texas has experienced sexual harassment on the job, he or she has every right to explore all legal options for seeking full accountability from the company that allowed this type of behavior to occur. Knowing what facts must be proved in a sexual harassment lawsuit is certainly important to prevail in this type of civil claim.

Source:, "Napa Valley chef lawsuit on sexual-harassment settles", James Dunn, Nov. 21, 2016