Gender Discrimination Suit Filed Against Former Police Chief

A woman in a different state claimed that she was prevented from being promoted a few years ago simply because she is a woman. The woman, therefore, filed a lawsuit against her former boss, a police chief, and the case is now at trial. Gender discrimination remains a real problem in Texas, but those who engage in this type of illegal conduct may be held liable for it.

The woman who filed the lawsuit recently told a jury that a former police chief intimidated her at the job. This included crowding against her in their shift room and talking loudly even though he was close to her face. The man is also accused of pushing internal investigations into the woman's conduct at work.

The woman claimed that this type of behavior took place after she started to question the process for scoring her sergeant's exam back in 2010. She alleged that some of her results were manipulated to show that she had been reprimanded in the past, which was false. In addition, her test scores were reportedly not fully credited with the commendations she had received in her officer role.

It is illegal for employers in Texas to discriminate against employees based on their gender. If a person experiences this type of discrimination, he or she has the right to file a civil claim against his or her employer. Remedies from this type of lawsuit might include the coverage of any out-of-pocket expenses tied to the claim as well as compensation for emotional harm depending on the circumstances surrounding the plaintiff's case.

Source:, "Cop sues ex-chief, Randolph over alleged gender discrimination, report says", Justin Zaremba, Nov. 3, 2016