Workplace Discrimination Claim Filed Against Newspaper

When workplaces in Texas create cultures of discrimination, they may be held liable through the civil court system. In another state, top executives at a newspaper were recently sued for creating a culture characterized by discrimination based on gender, age and race. The multi-million workplace discrimination suit was filed on the behalf of two older African-American female workers.

The two plaintiffs in the suit are 61 and 62 years old. They claimed that the newspaper's ideal customer was a young, Caucasian, wealthy individual. That also claim that in order to reach this demographic, the newspaper apparently liked to hire young Caucasians who were not tied down with a family.

The newspaper, however, dismissed the allegations and said it would fight the claim aggressively in court. However, the newspaper's CEO has faced a discrimination lawsuit in the past as well. In 2011, the man headed a broadcasting corporation and was successfully sued for age discrimination. At that time, he admitted that not enough older women were broadcasting with the company.

Examples of workplace discrimination in Texas include paying younger individuals more than older individuals or giving preferential treatment to Caucasians compared with African-Americans. These activities are considered not only unethical but also illegal. A person who believes he or she is a victim of workplace discrimination has the right to explore all of his or her legal options, including filing a discrimination claim against his or her employer. An understanding of the exact facts that have to be proved in order to prevail in such a discrimination case will most likely be essential.

Source: CNN Money, "New York Times CEO Mark Thompson faces discrimination lawsuit", Dylan Byers, April 28, 2016