Race Discrimination Lawsuit Filed Against Boeing

Discriminating against others in the workplace based on protected statuses is grounds for civil litigation in Texas and other states. Several Black individuals who currently work or formerly worked for Boeing in another state recently filed a race and gender discrimination lawsuit against the company. According to the lawsuit, these workers were hired to fill low-level positions, and they lost promotions in addition to not being permitted to participate in launch campaigns since White workers were favored.

Two of the plaintiffs are men, while three are female. The group of women has sued not only for race discrimination but also for gender discrimination due to what they claim is a hostile work environment toward women. The plaintiffs claimed that Blacks and women at the company are subject to public embarrassment, disparate treatment, and harassment as well as ridicule by both colleagues and upper managers.

Boeing, which manufacturers aircraft, previously faced a discrimination lawsuit filed in 1998, which ended up being settled the following year for $15 million. In this most recent lawsuit, the plaintiffs are seeking unspecified damages for harassment and discrimination based on gender and race. These activities are illegal under the state's law governing fair housing and employment.

When an employer in Texas mistreats an employee on the basis of race, gender or any other protected status, the employee has the right to take legal action. He or she may file a discrimination lawsuit, pursuing damages. Remedies from a suit that is fought successfully may include the coverage of legal expenses associated with the claim and even compensation for emotional damages.

Source: atlantablackstar.com, "Boeing Smacked with Another Racial Discrimination Lawsuit as 8 Black Employees Challenge Hostile Work Environment", Kiersten Willis, May 13, 2016