Over $130,000 Awarded in Pregnancy Discrimination Suit

Being discriminated against simply because one is pregnant is grounds for litigation in Texas and other states. In one out-of-state case, it was recently announced that a nursing home will end up paying $132,500 as part of a pregnancy discrimination case. This is to settle allegations that it engaged in discrimination toward a pregnant worker there.

According to the lawsuit, the woman worked at the nursing home for a total of eight years. When she was fired, she was serving as a nursing supervisor. The nursing home reportedly did not accommodate her due to her pregnancy. It also allegedly terminated her and then engaged in an act of retaliation by refusing to hire the woman due to her disability and pregnancy.

The nursing home is not paying the money to demonstrate that it admits its discrimination against the matter. However, the money will give the plaintiff lost wages totaling $65,000 as well as damages totaling $67,500. As part of the settlement, the nursing home will also train its workers concerning prohibitions against any discrimination as well as provide reports to the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission Regarding the manner in which it handles all future retaliation and discrimination complaints. All workers will also receive copies of the company's anti-discrimination policy.

When a company in Texas discriminates against a person due to pregnancy, the company may be held financially responsible in civil court. The person who has been discriminated against has the right to file a pregnancy discrimination claim, seeking damages and other relief. A case that is successfully litigated might lead to remedies such as monetary redress or even reinstatement to a job, depending on the circumstances.

Source: lancasteronlie.com, "Landis Homes will pay $132,500 to resolve pregnancy discrimination lawsuit", Heather Stauffer, May 12, 2016