Woman Accuses University of Wrongful Termination and Retaliation

In an ideal world, discrimination would be a thing of the past, but unfortunately, it still occurs and affects many workers in Texas and elsewhere. This unlawful practice against legally protected statuses may even result in individuals losing their jobs unjustly. An out-of-state woman claims that she suffered a wrongful termination based on her age and has turned to a federal court for justice.

The plaintiff worked for a university starting in 2001. She was originally an editorial assistant, but she was promoted eight years later to become the executive assistant to the chair of the computer information sciences department. She did not have any issues until her work environment turned hostile in 2011.

The woman claims that she was a victim of harassment that occurred over several years. During that time, she claims that she tried to get help to remedy the situation, but nothing was done to solve the problem. She maintains that a meeting was set up with a university employee to talk about what was happening, but she was fired instead.

The plaintiff argues the reason that she was fired because the university had retaliated and discriminated against her. She is accusing the university of violating Title VII of the Civil Rights Act, the Pennsylvania Human Relations Act, and the Age Discrimination in Employment Act. It is unlawful for Texas companies to fire employees based on their legally protected status characteristics. Based upon the evidence of discrimination, a claimant may be awarded lost wages and monetary damages for their wrongful termination claim. In some instances, the individuals may be reinstated into their former positions when circumstances are warranted.

Source: pennrecord.com, "Ex-employee accuses Temple University of harassment, wrongful termination", Annie Hunt, Feb. 26, 2016