Pregnancy Discrimination Comes in Different Forms

Becoming pregnant can naturally be one of the most thrilling times of a woman's life. However, it can also be one of the most painful if it leads to pregnancy discrimination. Pregnancy discrimination is illegal, but it still occurs in workplaces in Texas and other states.

Pregnancy discrimination in the workplace can take various forms. For instance, an employer might not hire an expectant mother or may deny a promotion to a woman who is pregnant because the employer knows the mother will have to take maternity leave as well as provide on-going care for the newborn. Pregnancy discrimination may also occur more blatantly, as in through unwanted comments regarding pregnancy or even name-calling.

In some cases, women who are already employed may experience pregnancy discrimination when it comes to going on maternity leave. A woman might take leave and have her baby, and upon returning to work, she has learned that her job is now gone. An employer might give the woman many reasons for the termination, but it may be due to her going on maternity leave.

In other situations, an employer might try to limit or deny a woman's maternity leave or sick time related to her pregnancy. Unfortunately, the woman might feel forced to stop working so as to protect her unborn baby's health. Through proper legal guidance, however, women who feel they are victims of pregnancy discrimination may hold their employers accountable through the civil court system. A successfully litigated case in Texas may result in an order that requires an employer to make reasonable accommodations for the pregnant worker along with other appropriate remedies.