Fidelity National Accused of Workplace Discrimination

A Texas woman alleges that her medical condition was a motivating factor in her termination. She is suing her former employer, Fidelity National, in a federal court. The agency is being accused of workplace discrimination and violating the Americans with Disabilities Act.

According to the complaint, the woman was hired as an IT specialist in 2015. She alleges that her supervisor created an adverse working environment that placed her under a significant amount of stress. The woman claims that as the pressure worsened she began to manifest into physical symptoms of her stress.

The plaintiff allegedly began to suffer from irritable bowel syndrome and extreme diarrhea. One day, she claims that her condition became so severe that she needed to go home because she was in so much pain. She alleges that two days after the event, she purportedly called Fidelity to explain that she was going to the hospital for medical attention.

The woman maintains that she asked the company for a medical leave so that she could get well, but instead was terminated. She claims that her letter of dismissal cited the reason for her firing was due to poor attendance. The woman contends that the true reason she was fired was because of her illness and that the company engaged in workplace discrimination. She is suing the Texas company for monetary damages, legal fees, lost wages, and for her case to be heard before a jury. Additionally, she is seeking to be returned to her former position with all of the associated benefits.

Source:, "Ex-employee accuses Fidelity National of discrimination", Gene Johnson, March 3, 2016