Workplace Discrimination Remains Serious Issue for Workers

Nearly one-third of the charges seen by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, or EEOC, deal with harassment. The top bases of harassment include sex and race as well as disability. Workplace discrimination continues to pose a serious problem for workers across the United States, including in Texas.        

One area that has raised concerns recently with regard to workplace discrimination is fixed-leave policies. These types of policies may have an effect on people with disabilities who might be interested in going back to work following their leaves. The challenge that many businesses face is how they can address the needs of their businesses while still meeting the requirements of the Americans with Disabilities Act.

One other area of concern that has been receiving attention is protecting immigrants' employment rights as well as the rights of other vulnerable American workers. Specifically, the EEOC has been focusing on creating a space that is safe for such individuals to come forward about any discrimination they have experienced in the workplace. In some situations, employers attempt to get away with illegal discrimination simply because they are confident their employees will end up not complaining about it, either due to fear or to their linguistic abilities.

Workplace discrimination can harm a person's quality of life and make it difficult for the person to achieve his or her career goals in Texas and other states. Any person who has suffered from this type of discrimination, which is illegal according to federal law, has the right to explore all of his or her legal options in an attempt to right the wrong he or she has suffered. Various types of reparation might result from a case that is successfully fought, such as back pay or even job placement or promotion, depending on the circumstances surrounding the case.

Source:, "Harassment, Race and Sex Bias Major EEOC Concerns in 2016", Lydell C. Bridgeford, June 15, 2016