Workplace Discrimination Claim Filed Against Two Companies

When a company in Texas treats an employee unfairly on the basis of the color of his or her skin, it is within that employee's right to take legal action. In another state, one African-American man recently claimed that two of his former employers discriminated against him due to his race. He therefore filed a workplace discrimination claim against them, alleging not only discrimination but also wrongful termination and retaliation.

According to the lawsuit, the employers violated the state's human rights act as well as the Civil Rights Act. The plaintiff asserted that he experienced harassment, discrimination and a hostile environment due to his race. The plaintiff alleged that his former employers then unfairly terminated him simply for filing a discrimination complaint.

The poor treatment he allegedly experienced at the companies reportedly caused him to suffer mental anguish and emotional distress. The man claimed that the companies' actions also caused him pain and suffering as well as the loss of wages/benefits. He also reportedly suffered inconvenience and lost the enjoyment of life, and he will continue to suffer in these ways.

As part of his lawsuit, the man is seeking a jury trial along with monetary damages, suit costs and pre-judgment interest. Any person in Texas who feels he or she has suffered workplace discrimination has the right to explore all of his or her legal options for writing the wrong that was potentially committed, including filing a lawsuit. A successful lawsuit might lead to remedies such as the reinstatement of a job depending on the circumstances surrounding the case.

Source:, "Man claims racial discrimination by former employer", June 21, 2016