Workplace Discrimination Suit Claims Age Discrimination at Google

Being discriminated against because of one's age is illegal, but it can still happen in Texas, as well as in other states. A federal lawsuit has been filed alleging workplace discrimination at the company Google. According to the lawsuit, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission has been investigating complaints made specifically about age discrimination occurring at the well-known company.

A woman recently joined a discrimination lawsuit that was filed back in April of 2015 by a man who said he was not given a software engineering job at the age of 60, even though he had extensive field experience. The man had previously worked at companies such as IBM and Compaq. The woman was interviewed by Google at the age of 47, but like the man who originally filed the federal suit, she ended up not being hired. Google reportedly admitted that it did not hire either the man or the woman who recently filed an age discrimination suit. However, the company claimed that the reasons for not hiring them had nothing to do with their ages.

In the lawsuit, the woman made a reference to the EEOC's investigation of age discrimination at Google. The EEOC's investigation is taking place at the same time as the area in which Google operates has drawn criticism for its lack of gender and racial diversity. Both the man and woman are pushing for the federal lawsuit to be certified as a class action.

When people in Texas face age discrimination or other types of workplace discrimination, it is within their rights to file discrimination lawsuits against the employers who have perpetrated the discrimination. If a suit is successful, one remedy might include compensation for emotional harm. In addition, out-of-pocket expenses tied to the claim may also be covered.

Source: USA Today, "EEOC investigating Google for age discrimination, lawsuit says", Jessica Guynn, July 6, 2016