University Faces Discrimination Allegations From Former Director

The former interim director of the Parking and Traffic Office for Stephen F. Austin University in Texas has filed a lawsuit against the school. The plaintiff claims that he was the victim of discrimination due to his disability. He has filed his claim against the school in a federal court.

The plaintiff alleges that he started to notice that he was suddenly being reprimanded and receiving unsatisfactory performance reviews. He claims that the critiques he was receiving were not very specific on exactly what he was doing incorrectly. The director approached human resources with his concerns about this discipline being on his permanent record and was purportedly told that he could file a grievance to have them withdrawn. Although the discipline was not completely removed, his three-day suspension was decreased to only one.

A few months after the vague evaluations started, the plaintiff was hurt on the job. After being seen by a physician, he was cleared to returned to work with light-duty restrictions. When he came back to work, he was apparently told by his superiors that he was unable to return until all of his restrictions were lifted. The plaintiff contends that other employees who had restrictions were permitted to return, yet he was refused.

The plaintiff is accusing the university of violating the Texas Labor Code as well as retaliation and disability discrimination. He is seeking to be returned to his former position as well as be awarded monetary damages and legal fees. Individuals who feel that they were mistreated based on their legally protected statuses can consider pursuing options to file discrimination claims against their employers.

Source:, "College employee alleges SF Austin guilty of disability discrimination", Molly English-Bowers, Dec. 28, 2015